Solutions to improve the control and the management

In Kompini, we have three solutions for three different sectors and addressed both to the public administration and to private companies. Everything in the cloud and all-in-one space. We also help companies to digitize.


All control and management in a single space

The service in the hand of the user and increases the control of the spaces.

Tankuam is the comprehensive kit management system. It allows you to control reservations and access to any type of space (from paddle tennis courts, fitness center to the different spaces of a municipality).

Online booking

Access control



Manage the waste collection of your city

Increase recycling and good practices

Many municipalities already use the Komtainer management and control system. A system that allows comprehensive management of all waste collection and disposal.


The app for the maintenance team

Improves the efficiency and management of the maintenance team

Obodam allows you to increase efficiency and control in the management of tasks and workers through its functionalities

We create solutions to improve cloud management and control

We help you in the digitization process. If you want to know more about us and how we can help you, get in touch.

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