Everything you need to know about the Kit Digital

The SME and self-employed are the main engine of the country's economy. Where nowadays take part 95% of the enterprises and generate 90% of the workplaces. 


To help the innovation and the growth of these business the government has created the Kit Digital


Kit Digital aids are valid until exhausted and can be requested now. 

But before anything, we want to explain to you more of how it works and what is the Kit Digital.

What is the Kit Digital

The Kit Digital is an aids program for SME and self-employed for the digitalisation help. This program is financed by Next Generation european fund

The goal of this aid is the implementation of the digital solutions to companies and self-employed in order to achieve an improvement at the level of digital maturity.

The quantity of these aids can go from €2.000 to €12.000 depending on the size of the business.

Who can receive the aids

There are a series of requirements that have to be fulfilled to get the Kit Digital aids. The first requirement to be achieved is the size of the business.

👉 Small business: between 10 and 50 employees.

👉 Small business or microbusiness: between 3 and 10 employees.

👉 Small business or microbusiness: between 1 and 3 employees or freelancers.

Other requirements that have to be achieved are: 

👉 Be a small business, microbusiness or self-employed.

👉 Haven't received any aid after being declared illegal.

👉 Be up to date with tax obligations with the Treasury and Social Security.

👉 Be registered in the corporate census, professionals and retainers of the tax agency.

👉 Not being considered a business in crisis.

Kompini, your digitalisation agent

To be eligible for all the aids you need a digitalisation agent, and Kompini is certified as a Digitalisation Agent to program Kit Digital. 

For this reason, from Kompini we want to help you in the digitalisation process, where our ultimate goal is to make the process as fast as possible, easy and efficient for your company. 

You have all the information needed for how we can help you in kitdigital.kompini.com

Bring your business a step forward and digitalize yourself.

We help you in every step of the digitalisation and we advise you how to do it to convert the world to your market.

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