What is Piulapp?

Piulapp is the tool of massive communication for entities and City councils.

Communicate you with your citizens or associated of form massive. It organises the communication through distinct themed canals. Make that the users, customers or citizens subscribe at the canal of form totally unnamed. Make that your corporate communication gross importance among so much rumble.

Piulapp, is a certain system, unnamed, unidirectional, and with possibility to create enclosed bands. The users will be able to consult for proximity those bands/canals more next at his location.

One direction

Canal unidirectional and massive of communication


The user gets the notifications at the mobile, of those canals at the that is subscribed. So that all the informations are notable for him.


A diferència d'altres canals de comunicació similars, amb Piulapp, l'usuari manté el seu anonimat.

It solicits the activation of your canal. Free. Without betrothal.


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