We create solutions

We create solutions at distinct sectors, so much of public field and at the field deprived by means of three products how are Tankuam, Obodam and Komtainer.

Innovation, adaptation and digitalisation

The capacity of adaptation and innovation of our squad permits us work and offer solutions at sectors as distinct how are the sportive sector, the management of waste or the management of squads of work. We can reach all these sectors, thank you the distinct programs that have in the hub of Kompini Technologies.


Everything what need to manage the squad of maintenance by means of one software at the cloud.


Software designed by contributing an integral management of a sportive or distinct centre rooms that has to have a control and a management by means of reservations and an opening automated.


Software that it permits at the agent and city councils control all the system of the collection of waste.

The solutions of Kompini

The distinct products of Kompini are created by such to offer a solution of management at distinct fields. But concurrently also they are solutions totally escalables and adaptable at the distinct situations and trends


The app for the brigade of maintenance that permits you manage the distinct tasks of your workers.


The software integral at the cloud for the management of sportive centres and rooms with fits.

It manages all the system of reservations and openings without preoccupying you of nothing!


The best tool for the management of the collection of waste of an agile and intelligent form, with the aim to optimise resources and augment the recycling of the citizens of the townships.

La digitalització és un dels aspectes essencials per seguir endavant en aquest moments!

We Will be enchanted to listen you and aid you at taking the digitalisation your bargain by means of our solutions and our squad!